"Where words fail,




- Hans Christian Andersen

SCOTT ICENOGLE is an accomplished music producer who has successfully made the transition into composing for television & film.  Together with his producing partner, LIOR ROSNER, their overall, combined experience in producing music is unmatched in today’s stable of film & television composers.  From producing music and themes for blockbuster films, television shows and the hottest video games on the market to producing tracks for some of the biggest selling Pop artists on the Billboard charts today, Scott Icenogle & Lior Rosner are poised to redefine film & television music.



There is an incredible and stimulating experience film music can have on a listener & movie-goer. The success of a film composer comes when the music conjures up the images and feelings that were meant to be conveyed on screen. This mantra is the approach Scott & Lior take with all film projects, providing musical action and subtely when called for.



So much of music for television is meant to identify tone & feeling from note-one of the main titles and to serve as a driving force for pushing short-form storytelling along.  Scott & Lior have proven time & again to provide this kind of support for the television shows they have worked on and always strive to have listeners walk away with a catchy theme after only one hearing.



The power of song-writing comes from being able to tell a familiar story in a way that is fresh & familiar at the same time.  Scott & Lior have accomplished this and more from remixing popular mainstrem songs into dance hits to delivering the entire song-producing and song-writing experience for new, up & coming artists as well as established artists working in music today.

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